LDS Clipart: Pioneer

Whether past or present, Pioneers pave the way. By doing so, they make the path easier for those who follow. Teach the important message of our pioneer heritage with these clipart images. [photosmash id=19] Tags: Children Praying, Handcart, Mother, Father, Wagon, Pioneer, Cow, Couple, Baptism, Crossing Sweetwater, Dancing, Death, Family,[…]

LDS Clipart: Scriptures

If you want to speak to God, pray. If you want God to speak to you, study the scriptures. Find images and clipart to teach lessons on the scriptures here. [photosmash id=17] Tags: Scriptures, Study, Stories, Praying, Living the Scriptures, Reading, Love, Book of Mormon

LDS Clipart: Missionary

Missionaries put aside their own lives in order to serve in the work of salvation. Share the wonderful message of missionary service through clipart found here. [photosmash id=10] Tags: Bike, Biking, Future Missionary, Proselyte, Teaching, Tracting, Blessing a Baby, Mission Call, Mission Christmas, Member Missionary, Harvest, Joy, Letter, Mailbox, Walking,[…]

LDS Clipart: Young Women

The importance of the Young Women program cannot be overstated. Find all the clipart and images you need to help your young women learn and grow. [photosmash id=5] Tags: Young Women Logo, Necklace, Be Clean, Daughter of God, Grateful, Humble, Prayerful, Smart, True, Medallion, Babysitting, Divine Nature, Father, Flower, Friends,[…]

LDS Clipart: Primary

Children are our future and the most important asset that society or the church has. Those children in primary are at a crucial stage for learning and development. Help keep the children’s attention with creative lessons using clipart and pictures from this page. [photosmash id=2] Tags: Primary, Sharing Time, Boy,[…]