Here are a few links to some snazzy LDS websites. We wanted these websites to be the best LDS resources for members, so we limited this list to non-commercial websites. If you know of a website you think should be on this list, send it our way for review, and[…]

LDS Clipart: Church

Going to Church is a great way to feel the Spirit, learn, and receive personal revelation. Look here to find clipart for lessons on Sacrament Meeting, Sunday School, Tithing, or Fast Offerings. [photosmash id=71] Tags: Sacrament, Bread, Water, Talk, Bishop, Chapel, Church, Primary, Family, Boy, Girl, Going to Church, Fast[…]

LDS Clipart: Restoration

The Restoration was a witness of God’s love for His children in these the latter days. Share this important message with others by using clip art and pictures found here. [photosmash id=18] Tags: Sacrament, Baptism, Prayer, Joseph Smith, Bible, Study, Hill Cumorah, Sacred Grove, Angel Moroni, First Vision, Printing of[…]

LDS Clipart: Jesus Christ

Our Savior has done so much for each and everyone one of us. Help your family and students learn of Him through these wonderful clipart images. [photosmash id=15] Tags: Jesus Christ, Manger, Star of Bethleham, Three Kings, Christus, Children, Blessing, Teaching, Shepherd, Second Coming, 2nd Coming, Premortal, Atonement, Garden of[…]